Sports Pool
Pool Complex
The Sports Pool is a great place to spend several hours swimming in the silky mineral water or sunbathing at the adjacent beach. The water is crystal clear and clean because it's 100% mineral water and is changed everynight after the pool closes. The nice thing about this pool is that it's open year round, every day for your swimming pleasure. And if you've never tried swimming in the winter in warm mineral water, then you have a real experience awaiting you.
There are some rooms shown here in the picture on the top floor and these are for rent for overnight stays. There's a snack bar that has cold drinks, mineral water, beer, and coffee. You can also buy something hot at lunch time including Bulgaria's Kebabche. It's prepared from equal parts of lamb and veal, mixed together with finely chopped onion and salt. Then grilled at high temperatures until a thick crust is formed sealing in the meat's juices.
Great Way to Start the Day
An early morning swim in pure mineral water is a great way to start your day. The Sports Pool opens at 7:30 a.m. and there are usually only avid swimmers there at that time of day. You start with a great wake-up shower inside the complex building in mineral water and then hit the water for a good swim. Your ticket to the pool allows you to come and go throughout the day and enjoy the water when you want to do so. The Sports Pool is much smaller than the double size Olympic pool next door and it's great for those who want to practice their swimming or just relax and stretch in the water.
Come on in, the Water's Fine
The mineral water in the Sports Pool is a perfect temperature for enjoying a good swim without the feeling of exhaustion. The water is crystal clear and silky to the touch. There's even swimming classes at various times of the day for the children and everyone in this town has the opportunity to learn how to swim. Be advised, the Bulgarians are very good swimmers and love to demonstrate their swimming skills. Their technique is often on a professional level and to them swimming is more than just an exercise. It's a demonstration of how to glide through the water seemingly without much effort.