Banya has a great sports complex and hotel very near the mineral water pools. The hotel is a place for athletes to come and stay, get themselves in shape and head across the parking lot to the playing field.
Football Field and Track
The sports field is situated on the outskirts of town and is well maintained and manicured. The stadium has seating on both sides, as well as a running track. There's also a second field that is located at the back of the larger field and is used by the children in the area to learn the game.
Team Practice
The climate of Banya, which is mild in the summer and winter, makes it a perfect place for teams to practice and get ready for the real thing. Banya has a great future in the area of sports medicine and rehabilitation. There's medical treatment available around the clock, as well as the warm, healing waters of the pools and the mud bath.
Sports Complex and Hotel