Rehabilitation Center Entrance
Path to the Cottages
Path to the Central Bath
People arrive in Banya day and night to enter the rehabilitation center for treatment and preventive measures. There are qualified doctors on hand to diagnose a person's medical needs and prescribe the appropriate treatments. Many Bulgarians stay at the center for a period of ten to fifteen days each year. In the late evening, many of those staying at the center can be seen out on the streets in Banya enjoying a town dedicated to the healing of those with physical problems and those seeking to maintain their health for a lifetime.
Very near the rehabilitation center you will find an area with guest cottages which are available to those recieving treatment.These are brand new facilities and offer all the comforts of home with a nice balcony and a place to park your car. The grounds and the cottages are well maintained and offer a comfortable stay for people going through the rehabilitation program.
This beautiful stone pathway links the Rehabilitation Center and the Central Bath, where many of the procedures are carried out. This entire area gives you a sense of well being just knowing that you in a place of natural healing whether inside or outside the treatment or bath area.
This pathway leads directly to the cottage area and gives one a sense of a park like atmosphere that surrounds the entire facility. Immediately across the street from this scene is the large city park that covers much of this section of the town.
Modern Guest Cottages