Home and Garden
One of the first things that strikes a visitor to Banya is the cleanliness and order displayed in virtually every home in the town. The residents take great pride in their property and keep their grounds and gardens clean and neat. Almost every home has grapes growing overhead on metal racks, as well as flowers and vegetables growing in the yard in the summer time. Many of the homes are like a compound with a nice fence and garage for the car, along with sheds and other buildings that serve as storage places and workshops.
These particular houses have a beautiful view of the mountains that set to the north of the town. You are always aware of the presence of mountains when you are in Banya because they are all around you. In every direction you gaze, you will find your eyes beholding a million dollar view.
This beautiful Austrian style home sits just off the main street in Banya and is truly a delight to see. We call this the "White House" because it is so elegant and tastefully done. Huge balconies are very important in Banya, as the ones seen here in this lovely home. They provide not only a place to sit and to entertain but they are a window to the mountains that surround the town and give you a million dollar view.
How would you like to enjoy your mornings and evenings in a beautiful garden such as this? The fresh flowers and clean spring water that flows in the fountain are reminders of what Banya is all about. In a garden like this, you can entertain friends or just sit and enjoy your coffee in the morning or a cool drink and meal in the late afternoon after the work is done. Gardens like these are typical in Banya, where people are not in a hurry and life is something to be enjoyed and not merely just survived.
The "White House"
Ivanka and Braiko's Garden
Million Dollar View
This is the view from our balcony that we wake up to every morning. The beautiful Balkan range reaches its highest point here and looms before us like a mighty giant. We are always amazed at how the sun and the clouds do different things to this mountain throughout the day. It's always breathtaking and very inspiring. Wouldn't you love to have a view like this outside your window waiting for you every day? You can if you come and join us in Banya.
The view from our balcony toward the City of Karlovo
This is a view of the homes and gardens in Banya from the same balcony looking East toward the Balkan Mountain range. This same view helped to inspire the patriots of Bulgaria to long for and to seek freedom from years of bondage. Perhaps you too will feel what they felt so many years ago should you ever find your way to this unique place deep in the heart of Bulgaria.
This beautiful garden can be found at the home of Baba Gesha and her son Stoyan and his wife Maria. This beautiful manicured spot was created entirely by Baba Gesha's talented grandson. 
Almost everyone has a garden in Banya. For the people in this small town, it's a way of life that they have enjoyed for many years. Not only does it supply them with food year round but it gives them a purpose for getting up every day. Something that scientist studying aging say is absolutely necessary for a long and healthy life.
The sun comes up as people get ready for the day
Baba Gesha's home and beautiful garden
Back yard gardens keep the people of Banya busy during the summer months