Banya became an official town in 2002 by an act of the Bulgarian Parliament. The population is placed at 3,900 but the town actually has less people than this due to the fact that many work and live elsewhere but maintain a home in Banya. The village like atmosphere of the town keeps it quite and peaceful during the daytime with live music and outdoor restaurants bringing the night to life.
In 1927, Tsar Boris III took a cure for rheumatism in the country house of the manufacturer I.Bagarov in the small village of Banya. Pleased at the results that the mineral water offered, he decided to build a summer house there. It is located on the northern edge of the city and was finished in 1929. The locals still refer to it as, "The Palace." The Tsar was so impressed with the quality of the mineral water in Banya, that he later had a beautiful central bath constructed in Banya in the late '30s that is still the pride of the city today and one of the finest facilites of its type anywhere in Bulgaria or Eastern Europe.

Upon entering the town, you will be immediately impressed with the cleanliness of everything and the way people stand in their doorways waving at people that come into town and bidding them a warm welcome. Literally from early morning to late evening, the city workers can be seen out on the streets cleaning and making sure that Banya has a manicured look for those that live there and those that visit. A beautiful tree lined brick street welcomes you as you enter the town. Along the way there's a post office, various shops, stores and outdoor cafes. You won't need to bring much with you, except personal items and clothes, as Banya seems to have a store or a shop for just about everything from groceries to pharmacy needs. And the quality and prices are as good or better than what you will find in towns of a much larger size. And you are only a stranger in Banya the first time you visit there. From then on the shop clerks, the spa and swimming pool attendants and property owners will recognize you and always treat you with respect and friendliness.

Banya offers a quite, peaceful small town atmosphere with the best mineral water and treatment facilities anywhere in Bulgaria. You can stay at a local hotel or rent a room by the night from several reputable home owners in the town that have transformed part of their own homes into overnight facilities. You'll wake up in the morning to the sound of roosters crowing and the sights and sounds of the citizens of Banya going about their daily chores. Every home in Banya seems to be a private garden with beautiful flowers and vegetables. In the late afternoon, you can walk throughout the town and see just how much pride the people of Banya have in their homes and their town.

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