Day's End in Banya
Goat Traffic
When the Cows Come Home
Sunsets are a sight to behold in Banya, as the sky is ablaze with the lights of the fading sun across the tops of beautiful mountains. There's nothing like an evening in a quite, peaceful place such as Banya to put you in touch with yourself and all those around you.
The day ends quietly in Banya just as it began. Soon there will be little noise or even very much light as this quiet town begins the second part of the day and settles in for a rest. You'll hear only the sounds of the music from the outdoor cafes in the distance and an occasional animal that is saying goodnight to his fellow creatures. Other than that, get ready for an evening under the stars and a time to enjoy the night.
Whose goats are these anyway? Well, the goats know and at the end of each day they come back into town from the fields, where they have spent the day. They split into several directions at a certain point in the journey home because each knows the place it belongs and eagerly seeks out its owner. It's an amazing thing to watch, goats coming home. However, it's not much fun for the people with flowers growing along the path home. The goats love to have one more snack before calling it a day.
The cows really do come home in Banya and like the goats, they know how to get there. A cow even knows which door leads to the place where it lives and exactly what it takes to get inside. At first there's a gentle nudge on the door by the cow, then a harder nudge, then a bellow and a nudge and if all else fails, a big bellow. You'll see the door open, the cow enters, the door closes, all is well in cow town.
Sunset to Remember