Banya From the Rooftops
The houses in Banya are very nice and well maintained. Each person seems to care for their home with a pride rarely seen in the cities and larger communities of the country. The trees in the picture are fruit trees that are spread across the area like a blanket. The birds have a wonderful time of feasting on the tremendous amount of fruit that these trees produce every year.
Banya is a very clean town and prides itself on keeping the streets and store fronts neat and presentable. You'll find everything you are pretty much looking for in a small town here, complete with friendly shop keepers and people who seem to really care about your patronage.
Bulgarians are a very social people and they love to stop for a meal and drinks at one the many small cafes that dot the landscape in Banya. You'll be surprised at the coldness of the beverages and the quality and taste of the food. And the Bulgarian people love to dance to the music of their traditional songs. It's a lot of fun for those who know how to dance and very entertaining for those who sit at the tables and enjoy their food and drinks while the local people put on a great show.
City Park
Banya has a large city park that allows you to walk in the cool of the day and enjoy the lovely foliage and trees. This park is strictly for nature lovers since it doesn't have any facilities other than the landscape. There's fresh mineral water that you can drink at the very far end of the park and local people can be seen there all the time filling bottles and sampling the pure, sweet mineral water that is so good for your health and completely chemical free.
Main Street
Night Life in Banya
This is as pretty as it gets, beautiful mountains and clouds as viewed from the roadside.  There is no air pollution here. In Banya, you can breathe clean air and feast your eyes on some of the most gorgeous real estate in all of Eastern Europe.
The Mountains from Banya