The Hotel Stryama is a three star, 152 bed hotel in Banya with 12 single rooms, 64 doubles and 6 suites. It has been refurbished and features cable television and mini-bar in every room. There's a private jacuzzi in two of the suites. The hotel has a restaurant, day bar with open terrace, ice cream bar with terrace, conference room and an Internet-cafe. The hotel offers a number of rehabilitation, health and beauty programs including: anti-stress, aromatherapy, relaxation program, fitness, health and beauty. It sits near the river of the same name and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and homes. Telephone: 359 (when calling from outside Bulgaria)+313 22293, fax:+313 22397, Email:
The Geshevi Guest House is situated very near the Central Bath and the Sports Mineral Water Pool and has separate bedrooms with private baths and terraces for short term stays in Banya. The person to contact is Gergina Gesheva at: 359 (when calling from outside BG)+313 22460 or GSM 0889 898 399. Email:, The rooms are nice and very spacious with cable television and there's Internet available. There's even a package whereby Gergina will furnish you room, meals and tickets for the swimming pools for a flat daily price. The guest house is very centrally located and within easy walking distance of restaurants and the swimming pools and mineral baths.
The tourist agency is located in the center of the town of Banya and is open everyday with rooms to rent that are very spacious and modern. Some of the rooms feature cable television and all of them have private balconies and baths, plus a small refrigerator and ample closet space. The beautiful guest room seen in the picture offers western style comfort with all new furnishings including air conditioning, refrigerator, television and wardrobe. The balcony over looks a beautiful garden area and fountain where you can relax and enjoy yourself. The view of the hills and mountains add a sense of peace and tranquility that you will not soon forget. Contact Briko Bakalov at 359 (when calling from outside BG)+313 22228 or GSM 0889 741872.
Stryama Spa Hotel
Geshevi Guest House
The Hotel Sydney is a family hotel located across the street from all the mineral water swimming pools. It's a brand new facility with beautifully decorated rooms and suites, complete with private balcony and bathroom plus cable television. Inside the lobby area you'll find a nice bar and comfortable setting for relaxing and enjoying your stay in Banya. The outside terrace faces the street and offers a nice place to sit and enjoy the evening breeze. Contact them at telephone/fax: 359 (when calling from outside BG)+313 2 2080. GSM 0889 33 9724. Email: 
EliteGarden Hotel and Restaurant
The Elite Garden Hotel and Restaurant is located about an eighth of a mile from the main street in Banya. It has a nice restaurant and a beautiful private garden area for the guests. The garden area is so large that you can completely relax and enjoy the beautiful grass and trees. At the Elite you are close to the shops and stores on the main street, yet far enough away that you won't have a sense of being near the center of the town's activities. The rooms are tastefully decorated, as well as comfortable and roomy. The restaurant is cozy, complete with fireplace and outdoor sitting. The food is excellent and reasonable. Contact them at GSM 0889 573096. 
Hotel Sydney
Tourist Agency
The Hotel Stroitel offers the accommodations of a full service hotel and even has its own hot water mineral pool inside the complex. Weather is never a factor when it comes to enjoying the mineral water at the Hotel Stroitel.The rooms are comfortable and offer cable tv, as well as balconies and in room bath facilities. The nice thing about this hotel is that you can soak in the hot water or enjoy a good meal in the restaurant without having to leave the premises. The food in the restaurant is of an excellent quality and they can accommodate both large and small groups. You'll be met with friendly service and a good place to stay in Banya at the Hotel Stroitel, all at a very reasonable price. Contact them at 359 (when calling from outside Bulgaria)+ 313 22490. 
Gencho and Totka Bakalov, Hotel Managers
Braiko Bakalov